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Hey Stylist! Start Your Hair Extension Business for FREE!

Start a Hair Extension Business

Start a Hair Extension Business Online for Free in Minutes

You are a stylist and you want to make extra money. You can only see so many clients in a day. You can only stand on your feet so many hours in a day. You can only sew-in how many weaves in a weekend? You see where I am going with this? There comes a time where you need to stop focusing 100% on Linear Income (income based on your hard work) and start finding ways to make Residual Income (income based on work from others). Finding the right opportunity to make a residual income is not always easy. Are you a stylist and thinking of selling body wraps and tea? I don’t think so. You want something that extends what you do in your industry. As you probably know, the hair extension industry is HOT! Why are you missing out on all the action? Let’s look at what it would take to start a hair extension business the traditional way.

Difficulties of Starting a Hair Extension Business

Hair Business

Where do we begin? Starting a hair extension business is tough! You might think that there is so much competition and everyone is selling hair extensions. Kinda true. But have you met someone that is all fired up about their new hair company and then it fizzles out over the next 6 months? We see it all the time! So yes there is competition but it doesn’t last. Why not? Let’s go into what it takes to get started.

Quick Costs of Starting a Hair Business

  • Website $1,000 – $3,000
  • Photography $500
  • Model Photos $500
  • Hair Extension Packaging $200
  • Buying Hair Extensions Wholesale $5,000 (stock a few lengths/styles)
  • Shipping Supplies $100

These costs are to cover just the basics to getting started.

The next thing you need to think about is who is going to ship your orders when people buy? Aren’t you busy working? Who is going to handle customer returns because someone ordered a body wave instead of a kinky curly. You know it happens. These are some of the basics you have to ask yourself when thinking of getting into the hair extension industry all alone.

The good news is there is now an easier way. Oh yeah, and it’s free! You can thank us later.

How to Start a Hair Extension Business for Free!

Luxury Hair Direct

It’s really simple and not a secret as the company has been growing exponentially since launching back in 2013. Luxury Hair Direct takes the difficulty out of getting started in the hair extension business by handling most of the challenging parts of getting started and operating. The idea is that Stylists should be sending their clients to themselves to purchase hair extensions. Someone they trust and know how to work with quality hair. We know there is nothing worse than a client that brings in some crappy store bought hair that is going to look bad 24 hours after a sew-in.

Once you sign up for FREE, you will instantly be in business. It’s really that simple! Let’s look at some of the features you will gain access to.

Quality Hair Extensions

Well tested and proven results are what makes the hair extensions from Luxury Hair Direct so desirable. They work with lead educators form Paul Mitchell in Atlanta and stylists around the nation. Offerings include styles such as the popular Body Wave, Princess Wave, Silky Straight, Deep Wave, Kinky Curly and Afro Kinky. There are also a few color options including Russian Blonde, Natural Gray and the trendy Grey/Silver.

Amazing Website

Once you sign up you will instantly have your own website and money making machine. You can login to the back office to see stats on your referrals, your team and more! All you have to do is start sending your customers to the website and you will make a 15% commission on all the sales. You don’t have to pack order, process credit cards, hold inventory or anything else difficult. The Luxury Hair Direct team takes care of all that for you! You just focus on selling.

Join the Team!

You are not going into the hair business alone with LHD. Once you are setup you will receive weekly newsletters with all the updates. The private training group on Facebook is always active and full of questions, training and help to your burning questions.

If you have thought of selling hair extensions then now is the time to get started. What do you have to loose when working with the type of program Luxury Hair Direct has to offer?